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Carla Borsoi Résumé

Experienced professional with a magic for transforming key insights into golden opportunities. I have proven experience taking broad vision, transmuting it through a customer-focused lens, and guiding organizations to the programs to exceed goals. Master-adept at delivering results by generating programs from a blank slate, experimenting to find the optimal mix of programs, building teams from the ground up, balancing data and gut in decision-making, fostering relationships, and inspiring joy to ideate and execute.

I thrive in mission driven organizations addressing wellness, health, or creators where the core product has a strong underlying differentiating technology that compels ongoing and frequent usage.

At the end of the day, my desire is that every company I work for has customers who don’t just fall in love with their products and services, but stay in love with them for a long time. I also fully believe it’s critical to measure against goals, monitor budgets, and build and foster amazing teams in order to achieve and sustain this desire.

Where have I done this? With over 20 year experience, I have worked across marketing, consumer insights, analytics and community roles for large brands, such as AOL,, and Patreon as well as nascent companies in specialized markets such as Nima, humm, and Imatchative.

My zones of genius:

    • Answer critical questions for strategic & tactical purposes
    • Unlock future business outcomes through synthesizing multiple data streams
    • Harmonize company goals, insights, and culture into critical programs
    • Generate initial drafts that foster strong collaboration and co-ownership
    • Measure & optimize programs in concert with key internal teams
    • Galvanize people to become beacons within an org and for themselves
    • Share joy in successes and learning moments